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Due to shortage of time or either you are in a hurry in many of the cases, some of the other times in the trouble there is a spill in your room by your makeup product. The stains of the products can be of mascara powder, eye, shadow, blush, or foundation. Or the nail Polish stains on your carpet.  

If you have kids in your home, then they get involved in the products that you keep in the drawer of your room. So, in the case when your products spill from your hand onto the carpet or on the floor, the states remain in the form of patches for a longer period. 

And look up the carpet is being ruined. Sometimes, if the makeup products are stronger, then it would be difficult for one to clean Make-Up Stains from Carpets.  

Clean Make-up Stains
Clean Make-up Stains

Mentioned below are the few tips that can be followed by a person to remove makeup stains from your carpet: 

1. Stains of lipstick:

The substances that are used in the making of lipsticks are greasy. So they are difficult to remove without a makeup remover. With a few simple steps, you can get rid of the stains and  clean Make-Up Stains from Carpets that get spilled by lipstick. However, on your carpet it would be the most convenient and the faster way for the better results.  

Few things that you need the removing lipstick stains:

  • Plain white cloth.  
  • Solution of water and detergent. 
  • Gloves for cleaning the stains. 
  • Rubbing alcohol or paint remover.  

To extract the lipstick from the carpet with the use of a scooper, pull up the extra lipstick that is visible on the surface. With the help of cleaning gloves. So, the white cloth into the paint remover or the rubbing alcohol. Squeeze the remaining paint remover or rubbing alcohol. 

With firm and slow motion apply the stain of lipstick from the inside towards the outside to make the stain dipped into the solution entirely. Capture the lipstick into the white cloth, leaving the gap of the lipstick on the carpet with the cloth. Additionally, use the detergent liquid and water along with the warm water and apply on the surface. Clean pet hair removal from the carpet and let the area dry.  

2. Stains of liquid foundation:

Stains of Liquid foundation are another challenge to clean Make-Up Stains from Carpets. Due to its liquid nature, it takes just a second to create a mess all over your carpet. 

The things that you required to remove the stain of liquid foundation from the carpet:

  • Clean cloth. 
  • Spray a bottle of water. 
  • A measured quantity of hydrogen peroxide. 

With the help of the paper towel try to absorb the extra foundation that it spilled on the carpet. This would help to avoid this smudging all over the carpet. With the help of the Carpet Cleaning Redland Bay solution. 

Clean it on the surface of the stain where you spill the foundation. Then, spray the clean water on the area where the solution has been used for the dissolution. So you will see that clean surface on the carpet where the liquid foundation was spilled.